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ManitobaJeff  |  Headline: Seeking for a true soul game play..Please Profile Rating: Rated 4/5 
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About Me
I suspect most people don't read profiles; rather, they just look at photos.So, what I write probably doesn't matter.But,if you do read profiles,I know what you are probably thinking:"If I read one more Match profile,I'm going to throw myself off a bridge.

Trust me.I understand.Maybe our ex's should write our profiles.Now,THAT would be entertaining.But we have to write something ourselves.I will try to make it relatively painless and not bore you out of your ever lovin' mind.So.

If you are like me and..

you enjoy meeting bright, fun, interesting people and if you only make a friend or two from all this, you value friendship greatly and are cool with that;
you know the difference between looking for companionship and looking for the next shiny thing; and
you do hope to eventually meet a kindred spirit with whom you are struck by that elusive, mysterious, undefinable, yet powerful force of desire and mutual attraction, develop a friendship, have fun, and perhaps, if things work out, create something intimate, real, and wonderful together;
Then I would like to meet you.

But,if you don't like Motown, never read anything, and you keep up with the Kardashians, don't even talk to me. We will never get along and likely wrangle through the night.It will be all outrage and scandal, tears and regret. Nobody wants that.

What am I looking for?I like grown up women who are kind and genuinely nice, gracious, whip-smart, curious, and wickedly funny. Whatever happened to charming? I am hoping it comes back in style. I am looking for a woman like the one Huckleberry Finn described:

You may say what you want to but in my opinion she had more sand in her than any girl i ever see;in my opinion she was just full of sand. It sounds like flattery but it ain't no flattery.And when it comes to to beauty-and goodness, too-she lays over them all."

I am not much on selfish, loud, spoiled, crude, mean, or caddy.In addition, if you are not a complete lunatic, this would be awesome. I a daughters who like to tell me what to do, say, think, and wear so the "boss of me" position is filled. Now, I just hope to find someone who likes me and that I like in return. Sounds simple, right?But, as we all know, surprisingly hard to find. But should I find her,or she find me: "Every minute, every hour/I'm going to shower/you with love and affection/girl it's coming your direction."

About me?I don’t find writing about myself all that interesting.I am no angel and likely in need of a civilizing influence.I am not all things to all women and I am likely an unreconstructed male of the unfashionable variety in that I believe in doing the right thing and being a gentleman. I love the moon and songs about the moon, may have moments that border on charm, and I am reportedly fun, at least fun in small doses.Also,I am active,like to be outside, read serious books, and I pay attention to what's going on in the world.l am very close to my daughter and have nothing bad to say about her mother.I will never, ever love your cat. The cat and I,however, can probably come to some sort of an arrangement.I have a wide variety of interests, always want to learn about everything, and I am game for doing anything new.I haven't been everywhere or done everything but am anxious to do so and would like to find one unique woman to help me discover new worlds.I invented dancing.

Before me, there was no dancing.People just milled about while the music played. All that milling proved tiresome, so I invented dancing. For better or worse, I look like my pictures; but, I won't be posting a shirtless self-portrait taken in the bathroom mirror because I am not an idiot.Also, I don't have any tattoos; but, I do have a pretty cool scar on my right shoulder.That's all I've got.“Live,travel,adventure,bless,and don't be sorry..keep on rolling under the stars”?Send me your number so I could call you.Or send me a friend request on your FB...

About My Match
I am looking for someone who can accept me for who I am, as well as someone I can accept for being who she is. My partner should also be able to accept my daughter and i would accept hers too. I am looking for someone with whom to be mutually supportive. I am looking for someone who knows herself well and is a good communicator. I believe loving,honesty and loyalty are extremely important. They are values that are the foundation for a deep trusting relationship. I am looking for someone who shares the same values as myself. I am looking for someone with whom to share experiences, including some favorite activities of both partners, as well as new things we may experience together.As I move forward in life I want my relationships to be real and genuine and I expect that from a partner.

My Next Move

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My Details
Username: ManitobaJeff
Age: 59
Gender: Male
Language 1: English
Language 2: Greek
Country: Canada
Residency Status: Other
Education: Bachelors degree
Occupation: Architecture
Income: 25 000 - 50 000
Height: 6' 2
Build: Slim
Hair Colour: Light brown
Eye Colour: Hazel
Diet: I Keep Halaal at Home Only
Smoke: No
Entertainment: Evening With Friends
Sporting Events
Spending Time With Family
Lifestyle: Night Owl
Interests: Animals
Sports: Cycling
Extreme Sports

Sect: Sunni
How often I practice: Religious
Revert to Islam: No
Beard: No
Prefer Hijab? : Yes
Have you performed Hajj: No
Have you performed Umra: No
Marital Status: Divorced
Has Children: Yes
Would like children: No
I'm Living with: Alone
After Marriage: With in laws
Marry within: As Soon As Possible
Consider overseas partner: Yes

My Next Move
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