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 Benefits of Marraige

The benefits of Marriage
Marriage is the formation of a beautiful partnership which promotes the transformation of an incomplete human being to a complete one. It allows him/her to mature and grow up and delegates a whole new range of responsibilities to there life. Marriage is supposed to take a person out of a hectic unstructured life to a more structured one, allowing them to follow a path, have goals and aims in life which two people can work together on and have a shoulder to lean on in times of hardship.

The Quran calls man and woman as the dress of each other.

"They (wives) are as a dress for you (husbands) and you are as a dress for them"
Surah Baqara v187

That is to say, they are the completive, counterpart, and the guard of each other's honour and secrets, and each one needs the other. Man can not live honourably and eminently in society without dress. He feels himself in a state of imperfectness. The lonely person too feels himself imperfect.

Dress saves and protects a person from the effects of winter and summer. The spouse too saves one from worries, futility, shelterlessness, aimlessness and solitude similarly. Dress decorates man, spouses too are the decoration of each other

There are many benefits to marriage which have been listed below:

Allah (S.W.T) has ordained marriage between people for certain important reasons and benefits for both individuals and community. Among them:-

1) Obeying Allah (S.W.T). Allah says: ‘Marry women of your choice’

(Surah Al-Ahzab verses 70-71)

2) Preserving human race in order to inhabit the earth and worship Allah (S.W.T).

3) Guarding one’s chastity; lowering one’s gaze and satisfying one’s desires lawfully.

4) Preserving one’s roots.

5) Spiritual repose.

6) Increasing the Ummah of Muhammad (P.B.U.H)

7) Protecting society from moral and sexual diseases.

8) For companionship.

9) It is a sunnat (way of our Prophet P.B.U.H).

10) Marriage was the practice of most of the Prophets.
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