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Our Promises

Muslim 2 marry has been set up for the sole purpose of providing a safe, secure and enjoyable environment, in which inshallah to meet potential marriage partners.

To ensure this takes place the following promises are made to all users

Promise 1, Protecting your personal information

Muslim2 marry is registered with Uk Data Protection Act 2010, therefore all personal information is strictly confidential and never disclosed to any third party without your full consent.

All photos uploaded, contact details such as address and telephone number are encrypted and held on a separate database to the website. Any contact required to be made to yourself will be done strictly through the site by sending an e-mail to your muslim2marry inbox.

Promise 2, Verifying profiles

Systematic checks are in place to automatically to check all profiles uploaded before putting them on line. Further moderation are carried out by staff at muslim2marry to ensure the text entered, photos and other material submitted are suitable to go online. Any material submitted which is of a vulgar nature, offensive or not compliment with muslim2marry’s terms and conditions will be rejected.

Promise 3, A trustworthy service

Muslim2 marry is completely committed to providing a safe secure and honest environment for potential Muslim singles looking for marriage.

Please be 100% assured muslim 2 marry will never:-

1, Commit to employing services or creating artificial profiles, to increase possible potential marriage contacts.

2, Pass on your details to any third party without your know how

Promise 4, Allow you to search in harmony

Muslim 2 marry has specifically incorporated a block user function in the website so that contact from unwanted members can be blocked. Furthermore, a report user function has also been incorporated, for you to report any members that are misusing the site or report behaviour which is deemed to be inappropriate.

Promise 5, Security

Team muslim marry specifically employs an customer service department who respond and take seriously any complaints in relation to serious or inappropriate behaviour by site users. All complaints are dealt with within 24 hours unless the complaint is of a very serious nature therefore the complaint will be dealt with as quickly as possible. This gives you the peace of mind that someone is always on hand to offer assistance and support. This can be through the contact us tab or report user tab as all e-mails will be forwarded to the customer service department instantaneously
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