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فارس2012  |  Headline: مصر Profile Rating: Rated 2/5 
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About Me
انا انسان بسيط جدا واحب الحياه والمرح اريد امراه تخاف من الله عز وجل

About My Match
اريد امراه تخاف من الله جميله متدينه ترعى بيتها وتخاف من الله عز وجل وتقدس الحيله الزوجيه

My Next Move

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My Details
Username: فارس2012
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Language 1: Arabic
Language 2: English
City: مصر
Country: Egypt
Residency Status: Other
Education: Bachelors degree
Occupation: Engineering
Income: 25 000 - 50 000
Height: 7' 1
Build: Athletic
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Hazel
Diet: I Always Keep Halaal
Smoke: Yes
Entertainment: Concert/Gigs
Spending Time With Family
Lifestyle: Early Bird
Interests: Charitable Activities
Sports: Cycling

Sect: Sunni
How often I practice: Religious
Revert to Islam: Yes
Beard: No
Prefer Hijab? : Yes
Have you performed Hajj: No
Have you performed Umra: No
Marital Status: Divorced
Has Children: No
Would like children: Yes
I'm Living with: Alone
After Marriage: Alone
Marry within: As Soon As Possible
Consider overseas partner: Yes

My Next Move
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