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Safa  |  Headline: Love And Happiness Always... Profile Rating: Rated 4/5 
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About Me
Hi Guys,

Well, not quite sure how to go about this, im going to have to be all Honest and pretty much shout about how 'AWWWWEESSSSOOOMMEE' i am.. *Deep Breath* Here goes:

To give you a brief intro to me and my world, i'm a British-born muslim girl, that has lived in the midlands all my life. I'm Divorced with two beautiful daughters who are my world and will always put them first.......

I'm pretty carefree, easygoing simple girl and love to laugh. I have a great personality haha...... both caring and loving and extremely committed in whatever i do. I value relationships im loyal and honest. Family oriented person and im very responsible.
A dedicated individual, who strives to live life which is worthwhile living. I am highly competent and intellectual. Loves making new friends and make an impact on others lives. A keen learner, who doesnt give up easily. I firmly believe that life gives you one chance for free and if you lose then you got to earn it again.
I feel that life is way too short not to make the most of everyday, although i do try to remain within the boundaries of my culture and religion at the same time. I love food and jokes, and like to think of myself as someone that adds a bit of spark to a party.

I love to read, science-fantasy being my favourite genre, followed by historical novels and finally, good old chick-lit.

I like going out and about, my favourite places being cosy cafes where i can unwind and have a laugh with my friends.

Well, reading back on that, i dont think i did the whole 'bigging myself up' thing very well.. so here goes: by the way, i'm like, sooo, like, tttooootallly, like, AWESOME! ;)

About My Match
Well thats a million dollar question! im looking for a person who has good sence of humour and dedicated about his responsibilities. Sum1 who is willing to take on my two daughters az his own bcoz my children always come 1st no matter wot.....Has a well educated background, grounded with his values and ethics.
I'm looking for a like minded guy between the ages of 35-45 ideally, that is hopefully a little more world-wise than i am (honestly, i'd give Bambi a run for her money with my wide-eyed naivety) but still wants to re-live experiences.

What i really dont want is a 'been there, done that, and now i just want to watch the footie with a cup of tea balanced on my pot belly' kind of guy.

I'd love to discover the world and new experiences with my partner in crime, but would balance my crazy, adventurous lifestyle out with plenty of lazy sunday mornings chilling in our PJ's and catching up on my reading/Eastenders episodes.

Someone that is motivated is really what i'm after, whether that is motivated in his career, business, self learning etc it really doesnt matter.

I class success as finding a balance in life between love, fun, Islam, work and play and am looking for someone who wants all five elements in his life.

Ultimately, if you can make me laugh until my belly-aches and impress me with your super-smart intellect as well as sweep me off my feet with your romantic gestures, i think i've found a winner.

My Next Move

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My Details
Username: Safa
Age: 50
Gender: Female
Language 1: English
Language 2: Mirpuri
City: Birmingham
Country: United Kingdom
Residency Status: Pakistani
Education: College
Occupation: Health Care Professional
Income: up to £15k
Height: 5' 4
Build: Slim
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Diet: I Always Keep Halaal
Smoke: Yes
Entertainment: Evening With Friends
Eating Out
Spending Time With Family
Lifestyle: Night Owl
Interests: Shopping
Sports: Cars
Fitness Training

Sect: Sunni
How often I practice: Somewhat religious
Revert to Islam: No
Hijab: No
Prefer Beard? : Id rather not say
Have you performed Hajj: Yes
Have you performed Umra: Yes
Marital Status: Divorced
Has Children: Yes
Would like children: Yes
I'm Living with: With family
After Marriage: Alone
Marry within: Unsure
Consider overseas partner: Yes

My Next Move
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